Inspirational tour of Tony’s Chocolonely, Google, Red Bull

During an inspirational tour of the FGHS (Dutch Association of Sports Product Manufacturers and Wholesalers) sector association, Henk Hofstede, a sector banker with ABN Amro Bank, provided the kick-off at the Sport Business Center in Leusden. He gave a presentation on ‘The future of the physical shop’ with the latest research results for 2018.

Then the tour went to Amsterdam to visit Tony Chocolonely’s, Google and Red Bull there. At each company they told us about the ins and outs of branding.

After such an interesting day of inspiration, there remained one key question to consider: ‘What can I do differently tomorrow based on these newly acquired insights?’


Tony’s Chocolonely

Ingeborg van Dam, the Product Manager at Tony’s Chocolonely, gave a lively and gripping presentation. The core of her story is the vision of ‘100% slave-free chocolate’. Not only their own chocolate but all chocolate worldwide. The more people choose slave-free chocolate and share Tony’s Chocolonely’s story, the sooner 100% slave-free chocolate will become the norm. In the end it’s your decision. Are you committed?

The company is also clear on branding: ‘We don’t use paid media, we strengthen our own media.’

So it’s a chocolate bar with a lot of conscience. What’s more, it’s outstandingly tasty.

There are enough different tastes …

By the entrance there is a sign that says it all: ‘Crazy about chocolate, serious about people.’



Floris van de Peppel, a Strategic Partner Manager at Google, gave us a unique look behind the scenes. Google’s mission is to organise all the information in the world and to make it universally accessible and usable.


Red Bull

Florian Roetheli, the Country Sports Manager of Red Bull, told us about the company’s history and what Red Bull stands for.