Jan van Betten gives a boost

Amersfoort – December 7, 2017

Sometimes you have one of those moments when you hear a story that sounds familiar and that invites you to think again. Yes, even to take action … I had such a moment at a presentation by Jan van Betten.

After a career in corporate business, in 2010 Jan van Betten set up Nudge to create change from the bottom up with the focus on a more sustainable and social way of living. Nudge is a rapidly-growing platform for people and organisations to connect with each other and to help each other in specific ways and to encourage each other. At the moment there are over 60,000 ‘Nudgers’ (individual followers) and a good 300 business partners who can give each other that valuable ‘boost’ with anything from a ‘good idea to actual implementation.’

A visit to the website www.nudge.nl is recommended! There are various impressive success stories such as the ‘Amsterdam canal throwaway plastic.’