Omnichannel with Gino Van Ossel, Professor of Retail & Marketing

Antwerp – May 24, 2018

Gino Van Ossel, Professor of Retail & Trade Marketing, spoke in Antwerp in a very inspiring manner about omnichannel in fashion based on his latest research results. His talk covered the further evaluation of omnichannel and the new opportunities arising from it for those involved in fashion. The theoretical presentation was followed by a panel discussion and a number of practical cases from experienced ‘profashionals’ including Mimi Lamote, the CEO of Mayerline, and Martijn Mateman, the CEO of State of Art. The organisation was in the hands of TailorFIT, a specialist in omnichannel business solutions for the fashion industry. Implementation of the correct omnichannel strategy is keeping an awful lot of companies busy these days. In practice this does not always turn out to be easy. Integrating and linking various channels, systems and parties can very quickly lead to technically complex solutions that are heavy on maintenance. That was also the reason for organising this event. Gino Van Ossel’s new book will be published in September 2018: ‘Retail, getting beyond the digital hysteria.’ I’m really looking forward to it!