About Flow Motion Solutions


We offer professional and business advice with respect to:

  • Management: strategy, sales & marketing, operational, supply chain, change & improvement processes
  • Consulting: strategy-development and implementation, improvement of operational processes, supply chain, logistics
  • Coaching: personal effectiveness and team effectiveness


The core values of Flow Motion Solutions are:

  • Market- and client-oriented
  • Product- and process-oriented
  • Entrepreneurial and pragmatic approach
  • Speaking the language of the target group – business owner, manager, employee
  • Innovation and development
  • Corporate Social Responsibility – sustainable business practice
  • Flow – high degree of involvement



Our goal is to enable organisations and their employees to rise above themselves, learn faster and gain entirely new insights. People’s motivation to strive towards both personal and business goals in their thinking and in their actions is key in this.

All this is based on the FLOW way of thinking: allow organisations and employees to grow and blossom. This creates a positive foundation for the improvement of results.


Flow Motion Solutions makes organisations aware of the improvement potential and challenges them to concretely improve results, even in a competitive and changing world. This is possible by working more efficiently and results in revenue increase and cost reduction.

It is important for everyone to feel involved in the new direction being taken, not only in the board room but especially on the work floor! We believe that advice and implementation go hand in hand and we guide the entire process.