lean manufacturing

Lean manufacturing – DAF Trucks

Eindhoven – 9 March 2016

Today, I had the pleasure of visiting the DAF Trucks factory in Eindhoven. The reception took place in the old production hall, with characteristic pictures on the wall. After an introductory video, we were given a tour. They showed us the entire production process: from chassis to complete truck. In the photo, I am standing in front of one of the end products of that process: the latest DAF XF Euro 6 truck.

The process of lean manufacturing at DAF Trucks is impressive. This applies not only to the design of the process, but also to the dedication the employees put into their work.

Afterwards, I had a chance to take a look in the DAF Museum, which is close to the factory. You can find many vehicles there, which, by the way, are still in excellent condition. Seeing all those truck and sedans from the past brought me back to the days of my youth.