Hyperloop innovation and entrepreneurship – Tim Houter

Almere – 16 March 2017

Tim Houter is the CEO and co-founder of Hardt Global. He is also the innovative team leader of the Delft Hyperloop team, which recently won first prize in the SpaceX Hyperloop competition (videolink).

At the end of the Top Sector Logistics Congress, Tim told us about his ambitions and technological logistics innovation in an inspiring way. One of the things he spoke about was ‘Amsterdam – Paris in 30 minutes’, with the speed of a plane and the comfort of a train.

What really spoke to me was his enthusiasm, coupled with the drive to want to innovate and to push boundaries. He has a very clear goal in mind: to make super-fast transportation possible, both for people and for goods.

The photos below, of the winning transport device of the Hyperloop, were taken during the ‘Logistics as Game Changer 2.0’ conference on 30 March of this year, at Media Plaza Utrecht.