Bangladesh – Independence and National Day 2017

Wassenaar – 27 March 2017

Some time ago, I received an invitation to a reception in honour of ‘Independence and National Day 2017’ of Bangladesh.

And today was the day. In the welcoming Bangladesh House in Wassenaar, the red carpet had been laid out for the guests. The guest list included primarily diplomats and business people.

In the speech by the ambassador of Bangladesh, Mr Sheikh Mohammed Belal, several interesting subjects were mentioned: the origin of the country, the setbacks they had to overcome and the challenges facing Bangladesh now.

He also spoke about the opportunities for cooperation with The Netherlands and other countries, both at the political and the business level. Some examples of this were water management and the industrial textile industry.

During the reception, time was also taken for a photo moment and it was a great honour to be immortalised with the ambassador and Dr Dilruba Nasrin.